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The Vision



The Vision

The Vine is a non-denominational church founded on a few scriptural principles – simplicity and generosity.


Simplicity – We are a body of believers who meet several times each week to worship and study God’s word, just as the first church did. We assemble together often in humble expectation for the gospel to beautifully wreck our lives. Our pursuit is not to “wow” anyone with lights, cameras, or action, but to love people in a way they’ve never felt before. Only God has the ability to change anyone’s life, we keep things simple to try to stay out of the way. We understand the inability within us to do anything by our own power and we fully rely on Jesus to supply our strengths and make up for our weaknesses. With Him, anything is possible – Without Him, nothing is.


Generosity – Uniquely enough, one of our core principles is to be great stewards of all of the resources God makes available to us. We take the call to care for widows, orphans, and “the least of these” very serious. We have committed 20% of every dollar that comes into our church to go directly back out within the community either through supporting our family within the church or through our Miracle Marathon(spontaneously or strategically meeting needs in our city). Our goal is not just stewarding our money well, but also our time and our energy. Our prayer is that we do nothing without increase to the kingdom of God.


Our mission statement is Miracles Still Happen. We believe the same miracle working God of the bible still performs miracle to this day. Whether it is through physical or spiritual healing, the salvation of a lost sinner, or a simple gallon of milk on the doorstep of a hungry family – Miracles Still Happen.

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