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At The Vine, we are committed to planting the word of God and the love of God so firmly in the hearts of our children that their faith is rooted deeply. So our children can know without a doubt that they belong to Him, they are loved by Him, and they have authority in Him.

The Nursery

(ages 6m-4y): 

When seeds are first planted, they need extra care and nurturing to take root. In our nursery, we plant seeds of Jesus’ love and nurture the children so they can begin to root themselves in faith. 

The Saplings

(K - 6TH grade)

 When trees are first planted, all effort is put into developing the root system. Our saplings are focused on growing and expanding their roots in faith. We encourage the children to grow strong roots so that they can have a greater understanding of Gods unfailing love for them and so that they can know, through Christ, they can accomplish anything. 

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