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Miracle Marathon really embodies our mission statement as a church of “Miracles Still Happen.” We believe the same miracle working God of the Bible is still providing miracles to this day IF we’re willing to go where they are. We see in scripture that the majority of miracles happened while in motion. “Miraculous signs and wonders” accompanied the apostles wherever they went because they were preaching the gospel!

One Saturday of each month, we devote ourselves to the same purpose - to go OUT and watch miracles happen. Every month 20% of what comes in financially goes right back out to our community through this ministry of spontaneous blessings and miracle working. Whether it be through physical, spiritual, or emotion healing, someone to pray with you during a time of grief, a tank of gas, a cart of groceries, someone paying for your lunch, or even just a simple gallon of milk appearing on the doorstep of a hungry family - Miracles Still Happen.

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